10th International Exhibition of Inventions (IEI 2018)
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China Association of Inventions (CAI)

International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA)



Foshan City Government




2018 will see the occasion for the 40th Anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening-up to the Outside World throughout the country. Foshan as one of the important pioneers in Guangdong area will show you their experiences and achievements of reform and opening up since 1978 and you may also get to learn the changes in the Chinese invention and innovation over the passed 40 years.


Thanks to the vigorous support from the Foshan City Government and the Chinese innovative enterprises, the year of 2017 has seen the 22nd National Exhibition of Inventions and the 2nd World Invention and Innovation Forum in Foshan ( 22nd NEI & 2nd WIIF 2017) held successfully with nearly 3,000 inventions displayed and the participation from more than 44 countries, regions and international organizations.  After the 22nd NEI & 2nd WIIF 2017, it was decided that the WIIF Forum would be held every year in China and the international exhibition becomes a bi-annual event so as to build a well-known platform of inventors in the world and make it a famous brand in this field .


The Theme of 2018 event is “Inventions Make Dreams Come True, Innovation Leads the Trends for Tomorrow .” Artificial Intelligence and Civil- Military Integration are the highlights.

IEI & WIIF 2018 will widely invite the participation of national associations of inventors, inventive organizations / institutes, universities, researchers, maker spaces, the inventors, innovative enterprises, funds and financial institutes from countries and regions all over the world.
IEI & WIIF 2018 would present the world latest invention achievements and services, build up an expert exhibition covering various sciences and areas and actively contribute to the reasonable patent transfer and practice as well as the innovation of the enterprises and the entire people.



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